Wednesday, 23 December 2015

My Week in Photos

Tomorrow is Christmas Day and I still haven't wrapped all the presents. I think I'll finish it tomorrow during the day because right now I'm so tired and don't feel good. Here are some of the newest photos from my phone to show you how my week looks :).

 I can spend a lot of time preparing my breakfast as you see...haha.

    This is what vegans get for their name        Wraping christmas presents :).
     day, Dried fruit ♥.

   Who said that vegans can't eat pizza? :O    Sewing my second skirt! I'm so excited and can't
                                                                       wait to make the third one!


  1. wow to je ake super ze vies sit! To mas potom veci ako nikto iny :)
    Pozyvam na povianocnu GA kde najdes darceky ako Guess ci Dermacol :) tu:

  2. Ty snídaně vypadají lákavě, hned bych si dala :)