Sunday, 6 December 2015

Charity Shop Hunting

Lately I've been shopping in charity and vintage shops more than in the normal ones. There's something special and magical on it when you buy a garment from a vintage shop. Every piece of clothes from there has its own story. And it's cheaper by the way and nobody else will be wearing the same thing. This is what I really hate - when people are buying the same thing just because it's popular. For me there's no point in this.

I really enjoy shopping in charity and vintage shops, maybe I could call it better hunting than shopping, haha. Because there are only a few of the best pieces and they're perfectly hidden in the shop. Here is a little haul from hunting from last month.

Big fluffy sweatshirt originally from Mango.

Red transparent shirt originally from Primark. I think this could look good just with a T-shirt underneath and a pair of jeans.

Just two cozy T-shirts for lazy days.

Some sparkly tank top. It's a little bit bigger but I really wanted to have something sparkly for this season in my wardrobe.

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